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Outdoor FenceAny fence – as long at it is well-designed and constructed – can greatly enhance the value and beauty of any home. Before starting your fence construction project, Lee’s Landscaping takes these important considerations into mind:

  • The purpose of the fence – security & boundary?
  • The purpose of the fence – privacy or for aesthetic appeal?
  • Where your property line is located – will it affect neighbors?
  • Where are you digging – will it be located near underground utilities?
  • Local zoning laws and building permit requirements.

Fence Design and Materials

Lee’s Landscaping and design has been designing and erecting fences for customers all over Minnesota for over 9 years. When it comes to design and materials, Lee’s got you covered!

Once Lee and his team have determined the above aspects, we will begin to assist you in planning your fence design, which will depend somewhat on your fence’s purpose. Here are some common fence purposes and their designs:

  • Privacy: Solid fence with closely spaced pickets
  • Boundary: same as above, less than 6 feet
  • Aesthetic Appeal: spaced picket fence with room for a view

Hire The Minneapolis Landscaping Professionals – Lee’s Landscaping

Fence design and installation is a job that most people don’t want to undertake alone. Lee’s Landscaping has designed hundreds of fences for homeowners all over Minnesota.

Lee’s Landscaping is experienced – we’ll quickly and accurately layout the fence design and get your fence up. You won’t have to worry about assembling the fence or fussing with fence gates and hardware. We’ll also work with you to ensure that your fence design suites your tastes and budget.

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